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Guild Application Example (READ BEFORE POSTING)

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Guild Application Example (READ BEFORE POSTING) Empty Guild Application Example (READ BEFORE POSTING)

Post  Dyamonde on Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:15 pm

We need to know if you're willing to download and use ventrilo during WoE and Events. Ventrilo is a must, that's how we communicate. Currently, we are looking for an active Linker, Paladin, Minstrel, and Scholars. These classes are our main priority. Classes such as, High Wizard, Gypsy, and High Priest are also welcome. Any classes that doesn't cost over 20m per WoE are welcome. =p

Also, if possible, post your build, and equips you use for WoE.

You must read this thread >>> http://teamrambo.forumotion.com/rambo-team-news-f2/supplies-and-reimbursements-t146.htm

Here's an example of how your application should look like.

IGN: Dyamonde Ice
Main Character Class: 99/70 Biochemist
Previous Guilds: Aesir & Raging Kitties on Valk Server, was in Windfall for ages on Chaos
Alt Chars: Heavens Rose-HP/Dyamonde- HW
War Exerience: Sieged on Priest/HP on Chaos Constantly, Sieged on HW and Bio in Aesir
PVE Experience: MvPing, guild parties etc
Times you can be on, what Woes and guild events you can make AKA times you can be on.
WoE 1.0: Yes
WoE 2.0: Yes

Guild Application Example (READ BEFORE POSTING) Tera_final

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