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6/18/2010 Special Maintenance - Dragonlabs is back O_o

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6/18/2010 Special Maintenance - Dragonlabs is back O_o Empty 6/18/2010 Special Maintenance - Dragonlabs is back O_o

Post  Koukomo on Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:31 pm

Special Maintenance

Well there were 2 problems that have caused us to need to perform a special maintenance.

1. the Crown of Deceits were not being properIy sold by the NPC after the quest was completed. They are necessary so we can give ample opportunity to participate in the Upgrade event.

2. We made hardware updates yesterday and still it is a too much traffic on one zone scenario, so we did something to hopefully help that.

The Dragon quest NPCs are back in and accepting dragon hunters! The Baby Dragon hat will work on the Turnins but won't give its bonus exp for dragons killing (use your baseball caps).

The Latency issue is our priority 1 right now, and we are working directly with the dev and network teams to diagnose and remedy the problem.

Be wary of the dragons, there are many there.


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