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July 1st maint changes

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July 1st maint changes Empty July 1st maint changes

Post  Dyamonde on Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:51 am

July 1st, 2010

* 2x EXP ends
* Raffle Event Ends
* Crown of Deceit Earning quest with the Brando Family and Derik Ver
* Siromas, Dragons, Ice Titan turnin quests end
* Sight seeing in Expansion towns end
* Mob spawns in Glast Heim, Abyss and Ice Dungeon return to normal.
* Detard is now summoned via quest again.
* Summer Pack seller removed (Can still turn in)
* Troy RPS ends.
* Baseball hat and Dagger in Mouth lose exp bonus.
* Lucky boxes made storagable.
* A Green Maiden Pet egg exchanger was put in near the prontera Pet Groomer. If you have a Green Maiden egg, please exchange it there (you will lose loyalty)
* Nidhoggur dungeon should let Assumptio be cast.
* Upgrade Crown of Deceit ends, final status pull done during Maint.
* Midnight tonight is the end of the Subscription gift codes, please make subscription purchases before midnight to qualify.

Double Drops continues to 7/8/2010 for the Independence and Canada Day holidays.
WPS 3rd quarter begins Saturday, WoE schedule will remain as is until further notice.

July 1st maint changes Tera_final

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